This is a catalog of best practices for markups.
We share accurate markups for accessibility and ease of style. They can be easily copied and pasted.

Markups that are open to the public are discussed and validated by skilled professionals whose names appear next to the markups.

These markups are completely free and available for everyone. Anyone can freely use these markups for various purposes (personal study, commercial websites, web production and development companies etc.)

We hope our markups will help you improve your websites.

Our philosophy

As the Web is developing, many features are being added to HTML.

As a result, Markup is becoming more complex and more costly. Especially, after the introduction of HTML5, due to WAI-ARIA, CSS architecture, browser features and other specs and norms.

Also, with the evolution of the Web, more advanced contents called Web applications that process information such as the Internet is increasing. It's not only just sharing information on the web.

In such web applications, it has become more common for engineers and programmers who are not familiar with markup to do the final markup and not a professional who has HTML mark up exprience.

Because of that, there are more and more websites that only have div elements.

When markup is done properly, access methods such as keyboard operation and voice reading can work properly.

This is because it takes a lot of effort and assumes every situation when developing HTML and its related specifications.

Using the specifications and implementations that this web browser and standardization organization has created to make the web better, we share our knowledge of HTML and CSS design that we have long acquired in web development.

By using the published markup, the author can save time of examining the many specs and the impact of the combinations. If this becomes widely used, more and more web sites will have good markups.

We hope the web will become better that through this activity.

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